How it works


Identify who and what you need

Form a clear idea of what job you need doing and what sort of person you would like to fill the job.  On some occasions there may be a requirement for more than one job, person or location.  Consider whether one versus several separately identifiable adverts would be more beneficial.  The search criteria a job seeker would use is an important consideration.

Send us your advert

Email us a draft advert which includes the important elements such as: job title; pay; location; a description of the work to be done and what authority the job has; personal attributes sought ( such as qualifications, experience needed and other personal qualities); closing dates for applications (if applicable) and, something about your company (what it does, what size it is and so on). 

Your advert will be checked  and placed by us

For confidentiality we will place the advert using our name, much as an employment agent would.  We believe the best advert of your company is one written by yourselves.  However, we will sense check your advert for obvious errors or ommissions.  If we spot anything we are unsure of, we will check with you before we place the advert.  It is at this stage that we will ask you for payment.  After we confirm payment has been received we will begin the advertising campaign.  The campaign will run for one month.  Shortly before the end of this month, we will confirm whether you would like to extend for a longer period.

CVs will be assessed and key points summarised by us

Throughout the campaign we will regularly check databases for CVs that approximate your requirements.  We will also gather CVs submiited in response to the campaign.  To enable you to quickly and easily identify the CVs of interest, we will summarise key points for each CV. ​​

Suitable CV's will be sent to you

Twice a week we will mail you the summary and the CVs received since the previous update.  We will notify unsuccessful applicants as soon as you inform us you will not be progressing them to the interview stage.  We aim to give feedback to unsuccessful applicants within 5 working days.

Decide who to interview and contact them directly​​​